Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beauty Inspiration: Maggie Vessey

California Track and Field "It" girl Maggie Vessey (more recently of Beverly Hills) is no stranger to performing under pressure. From televised post race interviews, international travel for competitions and continuous workouts she handles her profession's ups and downs with a captivatingly charming presence. Named one 100 Hottest Female Olympians of 2012 by the Bleacher Report Maggie Vessey answered a few questions for me about her beauty lifestyle and how she merges her fierce athletic side with her glamourous girly side. 

Not Daydreams: What beauty item are you carrying in your purse/ with you at all times?

Maggie Vessey: I always have a Sephora compact mirror, a hair brush and hair ties, some selection of lip liner/lip stick/lip gloss.

cred. Stephen Wayda

ND: Does your training and competing have an effect on your beauty regime/ the products you use? 

MV: I'm super conscious about the amount of sun I get, so I am always slathering in sunscreen. If I have makeup on before a workout, I always make sure to take off the foundation/powder to let my skin breathe.

ND: Im big on “no shine” and am on the lookout for awesome anti-shine products, what are your beauty pet peeves and how do you keep them in check!?

MV: I abhor those little black crustys that accumulate in the corner of the eyes. I use a Q-tip to keep them clean and pop my compact out from time to time to check. I use q tips and make up often to clean up eye make up mistakes, like mascara on the lid.

ND: What nail trend are you on right now for Fall/ Winter? either color, design, architecture?

I change up my nail polish often. I did the grey polish recently and the cotton candy pink. I need to get them done soon...haven't decided what direction to go in yet. Right now Im wearing a wine-red/ blood red color.

ND: Yes, I'm loving grey right now. Well, let me know what color you get! You travel a lot on the circuit do you have and secrets or special “rituals” you do to stay looking and feeling fresh?

I always bring hydrating serums and slather them on post flights. I bring under eye creams to combat jet lag baggies and YSL radiant touch/SmashBox under eye brighteners. I have an Evian mist that I spritz on. I drink a ton of water- 

Here's al little visual re-cap of what we can find in Maggie's travel bags ;)
What are your beauty "go to's"?  

Maggie Vessey's Bag

2012 Track and Field Olympic Trials in Eugene Oregon

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